Thursday, June 9, 2011

it's been nearly a year since i've updated here..just feelin a little outta place...but everything is alright..

MOVE ON is a very frequent word people uses in their life but when the phase of moving on really happens, it's another matter. what does it really mean?, people move on leaving u behind is an everyday activity.who cares i mean seriously leaving one behind is sad but that's reality. no one will actually stay by your side and listen what you really want to say. it's all about letting go. everyone goes thru' this part of life, but if one really stays put and listen, it will change certain part of life.

when i speak, nobody understands. it's not like i want to be like that maybe i have some communication disorder whereby nobody understands me accept me. does it really matter. i don't think so as all has moved on without me... it's a really big joke when one really stops and think whats best for them to do. by the time it comes, it's too late. i'm not regretting my life now just that i feel i've not done enough communication. thats all. have a great life ahead peeps.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Can't believe it....everything's my fault now..damn not in the mood...

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The individuality is one, who has his/her own way of living life, having the choice of selecting people to be friends with, making decisions upon what's right before them, taking responsibility for what will be happening in the future, and not following what others said or to be somebody's shadow.

Who can they blame for doing things the wrong way when choices were made by themselves.

People around the individual may have given advices but the individual would not take in fully as they have their own way of dealing things. As a living person breathing in this world, I would say that advices can be heeded but not fully cause we're not robot to be manipulated by others.

As much as a person can do, there will always be a limit to everything.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hah. 2nd night in SAF Chalet near changi beach super nice i would say.. well it's been a long while since i was here, i was here before this place was up for renovation, and here i'm back with the place looking damn good not saying the old one wasn't good cause this is literally like hotel fully air-conditioned area wow.. obviously excluding the balcony and bbq area lol...there's a stairway to the beach area which is right below and i didnt manage to take a picture of it yet..hmmm...maybe i will tmr...hope that i can tan tmr lol..haha =D
and stop raining pleaseeee...

oh air tickets booked outta singapore. great ain't it.. waiting excitedly for the flyoff day to come.. *counting down* haha

i'm feeling all the fatty acids in me eewwww...fatness -.-

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thoughts.. running thru' my head
One after another
Is this all, is it still coming..
The question that, one ask

The future is a question mark,
Always different from one's dream.
What's ahead may be vast and unsure,
What's past always seems so clear,
What have you expect from oneself.

When will the right time appear before you, the beholder
With one clear mind, with one clear goal in mind
To set things back to the original state,
The simplicity it used to be.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

as time passes, i feel that i'm able to see things on a clearer point of view.
sometimes feeling like a lifebuoy to some people it may seem or maybe a "sparetyre" it would be.
always ready to meet people when one says so, isn't it?? i may be a good friend/understanding person/lifebuoy/backup "extra" to anybody but does anyone care how i really feel when one says meetup or whatsoever when one is unreachable at that point of time which left me thinking whether is the meetup still on?? even if i've gotten hold of that person i dont have a firm answer whether it's still on or not which left me stranded not knowing where to go and the person is with someone else because if it's canceled or what a message doesn't kill much, when i'm so wholeheartedly readily for the meetup, being so excited all the time because i know how much i treasure friends and time spent is as precious as well due to personal obligation such as work, friends, family and others.

sometimes i always think maybe people just don't understand the nature of working environment i'm in or maybe they think i'm just exaggerating but no i'm so not exaggerating because i can feel their kind of reaction when i'm telling what kind of working environment i'm in when nobody believes. i mean seriously do i need that.

i know that i'm not that kind of a person who's good at expressing feelings and emotions and always tend to keep it within myself because i don't like the feeling of others worrying for me. i prefer to avoid if anyone's able to read what's in my mind because i'll be so emotionally tied down which i don't want that to happen.

so many things have been running thru' my mind which i cannot get over all these while, not saying now but most of the time i just feel like laughing and crying at the same time thinking maybe i'm a joker who tries so hard to juggle so many things at a time thinking so many "funny" things have happened to me be it happy, sad, misfortune and whatsoever. life is just a joke isn't it??

i really hate myself for being too nice all the time that allows people to take me for granted. a really good laugh at myself finding myself so funny to be in reality. don't you all agree with me.

always prays that nothing happens to anybody close to me if a need to happen let it happen onto me instead of them because i can't see people around me suffering or even minor injuries. i may have presented myself in a "can't be bothered attitude" but deep down i know i care too much which i myself feels so hurt, not wanting others to know what i'm really feeling. aren't i funny??

and thanks to all the people out there making me realise that i'm as good as being a lifebuoy better off than being nothing to anybody. i really appreciate it alot seriously not being sarcastic it may seem.

a really good breakdown is good sometimes..

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I realized that people really don't appreciate the things that I have done for them, I'm seriously tired of all these is not the childishness I need, its not the things i wanted back, just that simple respect I needed but no I'm not getting it.... I understand sometimes it may be that moment of anger or even stress but think first it doesn't need to be that extreme or harsh afterall we're still __________..... Sometimes we don't need something to happen to realize what's missing in our life..may god bless all..

Keeping it in mind.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Wahaha at my granny place now...hmm and I didn't know Chinese new year have 30 days...

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling bored doing the same things over and it seems like the feeling of wanting to get out of this is getting a little stronger hmmm....

I've dreamt about my grandma telling me that she's well and stuff and she told me in the dream to not worry about her...but seriously was that just a dream or the message that she wants to pass to me with no other choice but this. Well basically i dreamt of her during the 1st quarter of dec'09 which is about 1mth of her passing. As my usual stuff in church is to pray that she will no longer need to suffer and will lead a comfortable/happy life with our dearest god. Hope that all these isn't just a dream that I've dreamt.

On a lighter note, I was out with alvina on the newyeareve'09 crossover to 2010. I was exactly at the same bar for the crossover in '08 to '09 too. hahaha. That moment is just so drama which I don't think i'm gonna mention here. yea....

Hooking on to 羅志祥 new album "罗生门" which consist of photo album "80 pages of photos taken in New York" and Yoga(林宥嘉) "感官/世界" album which i think i'm gonna get the album soon and the taiwan drama 海派甜心 show casted by 羅志祥(Show Luo) and 杨丞琳(Rainie Yang) super funny and cute.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

alright. its been long since i updated.

work is as usual with more and more irritating stuffs around.
have been going out continuously after work to ion hah..

went to xw birthday celebrations and all others.anyway have been into this drama 珠光宝气 recently super nice... :))

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